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Free Scholarship Search

There are many free scholarship search sites on the internet and they have become essential in modern scholarship searches. These can be used to find most college scholarships available to students and potential students in a quick manner. College scholarships, grants, internships and teaching assistantships are all listed in the databases maintained by these sites. In order to access these databases students are asked to create a profile, this will allow the student to search the directory (database) in order to find matching scholarships and grants. This simplifies the student’s life by only matching the student with those that they are eligible to receive, saving a lot of time that could be wasted combing through hundreds of scholarships.



A profile can take anywhere between a few minutes to a half an hour to fill out. More accurate profiles tend to produce more accurately matched scholarships and grants. It is best practice to complete several profiles in order to ensure that a good opportunity isn’t missed by the search. Profiles are what make these scholarship search sites useful, so don’t be afraid to get them filled out. Minority or women’s scholarships, as well as awards for specific majors, skills or career choices become readily available. Typically many scholarship and grant applications become available to an individual through these searches, however, you will need to go through these in order to see which ones are the best match for you. You will want to focus your effort on the awards that are the best fit, a targeted effort is definitely the best approach. Most of your effort will go into actually applying for the scholarships you select so choose the best matches first and apply for as many as you can (provided that you are eligible to receive the scholarships or grants).

Besides free scholarship searches there are also paid scholarship search sites, however be very careful when using these as they are often not worth the money. Many paid services simply use the same databases that the free search sites use so make sure you are getting something more, like local searches or assistance in filling out applications.

None of the search sites have all of the scholarships available in there directory so it is recommend that you try several services. We highly recommend that that you start with this free scholarship search site at the top righ of this page, it is free and has access to a database with 3.4 billion dollars in scholarships.

Online scholarship searches have become essential to finding money for school. The above link should get you off to a good start, so Good luck and good searching!